Payment apps are a convenient way to pay for things. But they each come at a cost

To find the best payment apps to go cashless, tech reporter Tatum Hunter compares usability and major features for The Washington Post’s Help Desk.

CDC advisers considering who should get Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus booster

Once the CDC director acts, shots are expected to be available immediately at locations where the Pfizer vaccine is already being administered, including pharmacies, clinics and some doctor’s offices.

Should politics be in games? Giancarlo Esposito says they have to be.

The inclusion of politics in video games is one of the industry’s longest-running debates.

Ted Cruz makes a Texas-size mess on voter ID and racism

Cruz tried to get the witnesses to say voter ID laws are racist. When they wouldn’t commit to that, he pretended they had anyway.

What the hell is going on in ‘Deltarune’?

There’s enough evidence in “Deltarune” and “Undertale” to piece together some plausible theories.

What the U.K. and Texas Energy Crises Have in Common

For one thing, their pricing mechanisms reward and punish the wrong behaviors, frustrating the shift to renewables. 

U.S. stocks rise for second day despite warnings from China

Investors are waiting to see whether Evergrande Group will make good on an $83.5 million debt payment due Thursday or careen toward default.

Biden White House leans toward releasing information about Trump and Jan. 6 attack, setting off legal and political showdown

Members of the investigative committee argue that Donald Trump no longer enjoys executive privilege protections, putting pressure on the White House to push aside institutional concerns about sharing information with Congress and aid the panel in a probe into what Democrats and a handful of Republicans have called an assault on democracy.

Florida Republican introduces ‘copycat’ bill to ban most abortions, echoing Texas law

In some instances, the Florida bill goes further than the Texas law.

Don’t ignore the normalization of Tucker Carlson’s poisonous rhetoric on race

This time he’s reframing 2015 comments from Joe Biden as an embrace of “eugenics.”


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